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Open Hack Week is...

Open Hack Week is a week long hackathon aimed at building actual solutions to real life problems which are submitted by different organizations such as NGOs, Tech start-ups and companies etc. The participants will form a team of 3-5 persons and then, each team is allocated a problem at random and works collaboratively in providing a suitable solution for the allocated problem.

The problem statement will be explained to the participants by representatives of these companies. Quality assurance criteria, accepted solution samples and required information will be provided for the teams. Participants will be taught how to pitch and showcase by an industry expert. The teams will submit their final solution before the showcase day.

This Year,

due to the pandemic, the Hackathon will be virtual and hosted for the whole of Africa by the Developer Student Club (DSC) Unilag. Participants who successfully complete the challenge will pitch and showcase their solutions to the sponsors. Organizations will select the best solution and celebrate the team by possibly providing compensation to complete the solution to an advanced level.


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Virtual Hackathon


Registration of Hackers

13th July 2020


Opening Ceremony

27th July 2020


Kick Off

27th July 2020


Project Managers and Team Leads

28th July 2020


Grand Finale

1st August 2020

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